You do not have to be a big household name to be a Water Rat.

Indeed, many of our members you will not have heard of. Each one though is a name within the entertainment profession; known and admired by his peers and considered the right sort of person to join our ranks.

It isn't easy to become a Rat! A highly involved vetting and voting procedure takes place before a new member can be initiated. Here is our current list of members.

List last updated 24 October 2016

PKR, Cllr Gorden Kaye

PKR, Cllr Kaplan Kaye, KRA 2001, RoY 2004, BM

Albie Keen

Gerard Kenny

Paul Kidd, PCR

Ross King

Ian Lavender

Johnny Laycock, PMR

David Lee, PTG

John Lodge

Gary Lovini

Johnny Mans, PTG

Terry Marshall, PTR

PKR, Cllr Derek Martin

Cllr Mike Martin, PAsstScrR, RoY 2015

Ray Martin

Johnny Maxim, PChTG

John R. Maxim, ALCM, PMusR

Brian May, CBE

Nicko McBrain

PKR Chas McDevitt, RoY 1980

Steve McFadden

John McKenzie

Ray McVay

Neil Morrissey

Billy Murray

Pete Murray, OBE, PTG

Gary Newbon

Charlie Noble, PTG

Tom O'Connor

Kev Orkian, PTG

Nicholas Parsons, OBE, LLD

PKR Joe Pasquale, PPR

Billy Pearce

Tom Plummer, PBR

Peter Polycarpou

Leslie Randall

Mike Redway, PDMR

Cllr Ian Richards, PPR, PChTG, RoY 2013, 2014

Cllr Bobby Roberts, PCR

Bobby Roberts Jnr, PBR

Andrew Robley, PTG

Sean 'Rollo' Rollason, PTG, RoY 2009

George Saunders, PChTG

Don Shearman, PMR

Alan Simmons, PCR, RoY 1990

Ben Simmons, PTG

PKR, Cllr Keith Simmons, BM&Bar, PPrec, RoY1998, KRA 2003

Ronnie Smart

Chas Smash

Paul Squire

Jeff Stevenson

Jerry Stevens

Clive Stock

John Stokes

John Styles, MBE, FRSA, PTG

Jimmy Tarbuck, OBE, PPR, RoY 1969

Rhys Thomas

Ian Tough

Andrew Van Buren

Andre Vincent


Adam Wakeman


PKR, Rick Wakeman, PDepMR


Roy Walker

Adrian Walsh

Cllr Bryn Williams, PChTG, BEM, KRA 1992, BM


Roy Wood


Chris Woodward, PAsstScrR


Rod Woodward


Mike Yarwood, OBE

Current Members

What those letters mean!

KR: King Rat
PKR: Past King Rat
PR: Prince Rat
PPR: Past Prince Rat
Prec: Preceptor
PPrec: Past Preceptor
DPrec: Deputy Preceptor
PDPrec: Past Deputy Preceptor
TR: Test Rat
PTR: Past Test Rat
CR: Collecting Rat
PCR: Past Collecting Rat
ChTG: Chief Trap Guard
PChTG: Past Chief Trap Guard
TG: Trap Guard
PTG: Past Trap Guard
ScrR: Scribe Rat
PScR: Past Scribe Rat
AssScrR: Assistant Scribe Rat
PAssScrR: Past Assistant Scribe Rat
MR: Musical Rat
PMR: Past Musical Rat
BR: Bait Rat
PBR: Past Bait Rat
DepMR: Deputy Musical Rat
PDepMR: Past Deputy Musical Rat
KRA after a Water Rats name shows that he has been the recipient of the
'King Rats Award'.
RoY'04 shows he has been 'Rat of the Year' for that specific year.
BM is our highest honour - The Badge of Merit'. The 'Bar' is an added award for a most outstanding contribution of service to the Order. Only three members hold the distinction of BM & Bar - Past King Rat and Preceptor David Berglas, Past King Rat and Past Preceptor Wyn Calvin MBE and Past King Rat and Past Preceptor Keith Simmons.

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Barry Balmayne, PScR, RoY 1997

Steve Barclay


Tony Barton, PChTG


Mike Batt, LVO

PKR David Berglas, BM&BAR, PPrec

Bob 'The Cat' Bevan, MBE, PCR

Michael Black, PPR

Lionel Blair

Stan Boardman

John Bouchier

John Boulter, PBR

Dave Brock

Adger Brown, PTR

Duggie Brown

Joe Brown, MBE, PTR

Frank Bruno, MBE

Cllr Bryan Burdon, PPR, KRA 2006

Anthony Bygraves

PKR Wyn Calvin, MBE, OStJ, BM & Bar

Kenny Cantor, RoY 1972

David Capri, PTG

Johnnie Casson

Duggie Chapman, MBE, RoY 2008

Tony Christie

Steve Clark, PDMR

Bernie Clifton, RoY 1982

Con Cluskey, PBR

PKR, Cllr Declan Cluskey

PKR, Cllr Graham Cole

David Colquhon

PKR, Cllr Jess Conrad, OBE

Michael Crawford, CBE

Barry Cryer, OBE

Toni Dalli

Martin Daniels, PTG

Freddie Davies, PPR, RoY 1984

Kevin Dean

PKR, Cllr Roger De Courcey

Del Denester, PChTG


Johnny Dennis


Sid Dennis


Ken Dodd, OBE


Peter Donegan


Craig Douglas


Robert Earl, PTR

Kenneth Earle

Andy Eastwood

Cllr Chris Emmett, BM, PPR, RoY 2005

Steve Etherington

Udo Fontaine, PTR, RoY 2006

Sir Bruce Forsyth, CBE

Steve Galler, PCR

Richard Gauntlett, PTG

Gordon Giltrap

Frank Ginnett, PTR

Rusty Goffe, PMR

Peter Goodwright

Buddy Greco

Cliff Hall

Tony Hatch

PKR, Cllr Melvyn Hayes

Tim Healy

Steve Hewlett

Vince Hill

Frazer Hines, PTG

Mike Hope, PTG

Nigel Hopkins, PTG

PKR, Cllr Roy Hudd, OBE, Hon DCL (UEA), BM, KRA 1997

Engelbert Humperdinck

Neil Innes

Ian Irving

Paul James, PChTG

Pete James

Kyran Jesson

Cllr Ken Joy, PPR, BM, KRA 2000,RoY 2001

Richard Joy, RoY 2010