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Film Stars to Punch and Judy Men; Pop Stars to Sporting Heroes; Comics to Dramatic Actors; Musicians to Television Presenters; Magicians to Photographers; Radio Stars to Royalty. The Grand Order of Water Rats exists as a wonderful Fraternity and Charitable Organisation.

Our mission statement, as compiled in 2014 by Prince Rat (2014) Ian Richards:

“The Grand Order of Water Rats' charitable fund represents an unselfish giving to those less fortunate than ourselves, providing a stream of support for nationally recognised charities, whilst embracing benevolence of our members, their families and our show business colleagues. It also retains the power to make special awards to worthy individuals or organisations at the discretion of our Trustees.”

Site last updated 28 Nov 2015

Our Story is the Story of Show Business

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Raise money for the Water Rats just by searching the web!!

We are often asked where the money goes! Our Charities Fund - overseen by the Trustees of The Grand Order of Water Rats - gives out all sorts of sums to many deserving causes. To see just some of the organisations we have helped over the years click here

Toastmaster Rat Bryn Williams BEM has a new book out called "Red Tails in the Sunset". For every book sold through this website Bryn will give a percentage of the profit to the GOWR. For full details click here

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Water Rats On 'You Tube'

You might be interested to have a look at this item on 'You Tube' which was brought to our attention by past King Rat Paul Daniels. To see this clip and other Water Rat clips we have recently discovered. click here

To all Water Rats: 'Lodge Rules' and 'Council Rules' are now available from this website...

The latest editions (updated 20 June 2012) of the Grand Order of Water Rats 'Lodge Rules' and 'Council Rules' are now available to download, through the Water Rats 'Members Area' - to access the 'Members Area' go to the Members Page

The GOWR and the Combined Theatrical Charities

Water Rat Sir Norman Wisdom OBE

Sir Norman Wisdom

"In Lodge there is an empty chair with collar draped thereon..."

To read the rest of the poem to Sir Norman by Water Rat Peter Goodwright. Click here

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2014 King Rat Rick Wakeman

Rick Wakeman - 2015 King Rat. To read King Rat's message click here

Be Lucky...

"Be Lucky", the biography of Ray and Mike's father, Past King Rat George Martin "The Casual Comedian", is now available. For details of purchase please email

One Man's Dream...

Now available... Bob Potter OBE; "One Man's Dream" - our revered Companion Rat Bob's book about his amazing life and career. Contact: Lakeside Country Club for details


The Grand Order of Water Rats is a member of the Combined Theatrical Charities (CTC).

Under the title 'Acting For Others' the CTC organises bucket collections every year in theatres all over the country; usually the last two weeks in October - one week in the West End and one in the Provinces.

Between them the fifteen members organisations of the CTC try to cover all aspects of hardship and need within our profession including backstage and front of house staff, performers and their dependants too.

For further information on the work of the Combined Theatrical Charities and 'Acting For Others' please visit:

Roy Hudd as Max Millar

A legend portrays a legend... our multi talented Past King Rat Roy Hudd OBE as the great Max Miller at the British Music Hall Society's "Day by the Sea" at Eastbourne (Sunday 17 May 2015).

The Rats head north... Special lodge at The Palace Hotel, Manchester, Sunday 14th June 2015, when several of our Northern based Brothers took the opportunity for a meeting filled with fun and laughter... helped not least of all by the appearance of Water Rats Liverpool contingent Ken Dodd and Stan Boardman!

The Water Rats Past Prince Rat Ken Joy, Deputy Curator of our Museum, introduces Water Rat Barry Cryer to an audience of Maturians during their visit (25 June 2015) to GOWR headquarters. Looking on, from left to right, is our Administrator Fran Simmons, and Water Rats Kaplan Kaye, Chris Emmett, David Capri and Mike Martin.

Tribute to Water Rat Lew Lane

Yet another sad loss to the Order... Past Collecting Rat Lew Lane, who died peacefully in his sleep, at home, on Sunday 15th November 2015, following a long illness. To read the full GOWR tribute to Lew on the Roll of Honour page click here

Water Rat Don Smoothey

The GOWR Building Committee celebrating a most excellent potential future with our new pub tenant, Sally Fox and her team. (August 2015)

Water Rats Buckingham Palace reception 13 November 2014

Who's that with King Rat Rick?

Buckingham Palace Grand Order of Water Rats reception with HRH Queen Elizabeth II and Companion Water Rat HRH Prince Philip.


Picture by Water Rat John McKenzie, 13 November 2014

Welcome Steve Barclay

Latest Baby Rat number 894; comedy entertainer Steve Barclay was initiated as Water Rat on Sunday 20 September 2015. Welcome, Steve, to the wonderful world of the Water Rats!

Water Rat Steve Barclay

Tribute to Companion Water Rat Tony Bown

Sadly announcing the death of much respected Companion Water Rat Tony Bown, on 4 August 2015. To read the full GOWR tribute to Tony on the Roll of Honour page click here

Water Rat Don Smoothey

Welcome Kevin Dean

Latest Baby Rat Kevin Dean, a truly talented multi instrumentalist and busy professional performer, was initiated as Water Rat number 893 on Sunday 6 September 2015. Welcome, Kevin, to the wonderful world of the Water Rats!

Water Rat Kevin Dean

Another first class event in Grays Inn Road... A Tribute to Water Rat Max Bygraves, presented by his son, Anthony (11th October 2015). Full of humour and nostalgia, and ready to take out on the road!

Seen here... Water Rats Keith Simmons, Ray Martin, Mike Martin, Anthony Bygraves, Chris Emmett, Richard Joy and Ken Joy.


At the grand opening of The Water Rats brand new venue, on Thursday 29 October 2015... King Rat Rick makes a presentation to our new tenants, Sally Fox and Tony Brown, surrounded by a heap of Water Rats. It was a great night and only the beginning of what promises to be a glowing fun filled future of music, comedy and gastronomic delights!

Photo by Water Rat John McKenzie.

Welcome Rhys Thomas

Initiated into the GOWR on Sunday 8th November 2015, director/producer/writer/comedian and actor Rhys Thomas (Baby Rat number 895). Welcome, Rhys, to the wonderful world of the Water Rats!

Water Rat Rhys Thomas

Tribute to Water Rat Peter Elliott

The GOWR are sad to announce that Past Prince Rat Peter Elliott died at home on Saturday 12 September 2015. A veteran Water Rat and highly experienced variety pro who eventually went into management and production. To read the full GOWR tribute to Peter on the Roll of Honour page click here

Water Rat Don Smoothey

Prince Rat Ian Richards gets the feel of the King Rat's collar which he will be wearing in 2016... congratulations to Ian, KING RAT elect!

Photo by Water Rat John McKenzie at the Grand Order of Water Rats Ball 22 November 2015.

King Rat for 2016 Ian Richards


Newly elected officers for 2016 called to the floor at Grosvenor House... Preceptor Keith Simmons, Chief Trap Gaurd Ian Lavender, Bait Rat Steve Hewlett, King Rat Ian Richards, Prince Rat Adger Brown, Deputy Music Rat Steve Galler, Music Rat Steve Etherington, Asstant Scribe Rat David Capri, Trap Guard Sid Dennis, Collecting Rat Frazer Hines, Deputy Curator Ken Joy and, kneeling in front, Test Rat Ray Martin and Scribe Rat Mike Martin.

Photo by Water Rat John McKenzie at the Grand Order of Water Rats Ball 22 November 2015.

New GOWR Officers for 2016